Link Building and Brand Building with Semalt

Link building and brand building are some of the best ways to get your website noticed. At Semalt, we understand that you have been trying to get your website noticed and top-ranked. That is most likely why you are here. But it seems impossible on your own.

This simply means that you need the services Semalt provides. Our services guarantee that you get more clicks that will get converted to customers in no time, at an affordable price. We do not rely on magic or guess work. We get the job done as a result of our professionalism and dedication to our job. Kudos to the wonderful SEO team!

We offer diverse packages that make sure you find a service that meets your unique needs without any compromise. Building a business or a name has never been easy. We are sure many successful business seminars and motivational speeches have told you how important it is to have a brand, a name. But hardly do they ever tell you how difficult it is to establish the brand.

Today, you have Semalt to help you get your brand up and run by experienced professionals who know the right ways to get the job done. When we are done working on your website, we guarantee that you will notice tremendous improvements in your brand and the links to your website. 

What is link building?  

Link building is the process of acquiring backlinks from other websites. If you've been reading through our website, backlinks should be a familiar term. However, here is a definition. Backlinks or hyperlinks are a way for users to navigate to your website from other websites. Here is a simpler way to put it. Semalt makes your website so great other websites copy some of your content but place a link to the original content on your website. This means that users who visit the other website, click on the link and they are teleported to your website. Cheers, that’s one more user added by Semalt.   

Let's say you're searching for the definition of SEO, and you're taken to site "A," but in stating the definition and importance of SEO, you're asked to click "here" to learn a bit more. If you click, you're automatically taken to a new website like Semalt. That is what a hyperlink or a backlink does.

Search engines also use these links to crawl the web. If a keyword is searched, the search engines go to work as it looks for the best option. But here is one amazing thing about backlinks, instead of the search engines to stop at what they perceive as the best, they go further to explore the backlinks in those websites.

This way, your website qualifies for searching and will most likely appear on the first page when results are displayed. But if you aren't lucky enough, you get clicks to form other displayed websites so you can call it a win-win situation.

Today, there are many techniques for building links, and they vary in difficulty. As SEO experts, we know that link building is one of the hardest parts of our job. More often than not, non-professionals end up spending the majority of their time trying to get it right.  For that reason, you should leave this task to our wonderful team who know how to get it right and focus on other important things.

It's never easy to get other websites to recognize you as being a credible source. In such a competitive market, its easier to make enemies than allies, but link building remains one of the best ways to stay ahead of the competition.

Why is link building important for SEO optimization?

The anatomy of a backlink 

To fully understand the importance of link building, it is important that we first understand the basics of these links. Things like
  • How are links created
  • How search engines see links 
  • And how search engines interpret these links
<a href=>link building and brand building</a>
  1. Start of link tag: this is called an anchor tag and is represented by "a" a shown in the example shown above. It opens the link tag and tells the search engine that the link that follows is to another website or another page.
  2. Link referral location. The "herf" abbreviation represents it right before the website. It stands for hyperlink referral, and it mustn't be attached to only a website. This hyperlink can be a portal to a picture or video or a file to download.
  3. The visible anchor of the link is the little bit of the link the reader sees on the page on the link they need to click if they want to open the link. This text is usually formatted in a unique way to make it stand out from the other texts. Usually, it is represented in bright blue colors that catch the eyes, which signals that it is clickable.
  4. Closure of the link tag: the “</a>” signifies the end of the link tag to the search engines. 
What advantage do backlinks have with search engines?

Search engines use these links in one of two ways.  
  1. To discover new web pages.
  2. To help determine how well a page should rank on its results.
The content of these websites gets extracted and added to their indexes once search engines find your website through these links. This way, your website gets seen, and if it meets the standard of the search engine, it will get ranked. While making up their minds on the quality and position of your website, they do not only consider your content. They also factor the number of backlinks to your website. A high number of backlinks usually means your content is very useful, making it a priority for search engines.
Using links as a ranking factor is one of the reasons why google started dominating as a search engine in the 1990s. 

Building a brand

As small businesses, building a brand is never easy. Unlike other big brands, you're hardly known outside your neighbourhood or community. But for any business to grow, you need to build a brand name, a brand identity. Think of KFC, anytime you hear the name, your mind gives you all the details, from the chief cap to the chicken's taste. That is the effect a brand has on individuals.

Semalt gives you the best chances and opportunities to get your brand known. As a small business, Semalt recognizes you need all the help you can get. This is why we offer cheaper services at the best quality. Think of it as our way of showing you we recognize your effort. 

Your brand is important but to get it known around the block, you need the biggest platform to shout from. That platform is Semalt plus a search engine as Google. With our skills and your website on Google, those “big dogs” don’t stand a chance. 

In improving the traffic, your website gets, branding is very important. This is because Google always gives brands preferential treatments. Typically a brand gets better ranking with fewer links. Another awesome benefit of building a brand on Google is that your website resurfaces after a short while, even when you're penalized for improper conduct.

But small brands don’t have it this easy. Because you're new, you never get the benefit of the doubt. And work a lot harder to get ranked.

Building a brand is so difficult that it can take years before it is noticed or showcased in SERPs.     

You don’t have that long do you?

The answer still remains to be Semalt. In the end, you have to agree that Semalt is the safest and best way to get your name out there without losing sleep or cash. 

Building a brand is as easy as it is hard. By hiring professionals, you get to rest and put all this difficult workload on someone else. Using social media is one of the best ways to build a brand if you decide to do this on your own.

With Google updating its Quality Ratings Guide to implement the EAT (expertise authoritative trustworthiness) policy, we can now see that Google is attempting to identify sites/pages that deserve to be more visible in search results.

Online branding is very similar to traditional SEO practices. To build a stronger brand, you need to improve your site's visibility and your presence online. To get the most of this, you need to improve the things you implement on the site and the things you do outside of the site.

With brand building, you need to consider your content and what others are saying about your content. This is why several advanced aspects of SEO blend perfectly with online branding when you implement it the right way.